Top 4 Ways to Meet Celebrities

Dating a CelebrityIn the modern day hustle, it's hard to find time to date. When you do, you often dream of it being one of the cinema, musical or television presences we adore. The biggest question we face is how do we go about meeting celebrities? The list I've compiled below analyses this question, providing the answers we all seek!

Tabloids, Websites and Databases:

Tabloids, websites and databases can aid the process of celebrity dating. Paparazzi snap shots of your favourite celebrities when they're around your local town, selling them to the media for us to display. The benefit for this is to:

  • Find out a possible hotel where they stay
  • Find their favourite spots around town
  • Find where they go shopping while they're there

Social Media:

Every die-hard fan of a certain celebrity knows that the best way to track them, is on social media. With constant posts and updates, the whereabouts of any celebrity can easily be found.

  • Twitter: As most people, celebrities often tweet throughout the day, giving away locations like their favourite restaurants or shops. This could lead to an encounter, if they happen to go there again
  • Instagram: Uploaded photos of where they are giveaway signs as to where they might be. Look at the backgrounds, street signs and so forth, to track them down

Visit Los Angeles, New York or London:

Celebrity dating is not all that hard if you know where to look. They are people like us, after all, looking for love and all that. Going to towns that are full of celebrities holds the best chance to find the man or woman of your dreams. These locations are often teeming with celebrities as they are hotspots for work relating to the various needs of a superstar. In this situation, networking with locals to find out where the best celebrity hangouts are, may provide you all the information you need to start dating your celebrity.

Though, if you're on a tight budget and don't have to option to fly around the world there are a few other options to consider, one being, finding out shoot locations. You might just be lucky enough to have them starring in a movie, or have a set in your local town bringing them closer to you!

Buy Tickets to Events:

You'll often find that the household name stars are out on the road doing promotions or signings of some sort that you can be a part of. These events often have huge amounts of fans at them and are not the best way to meet a celebrity you're interested in dating but it will give you time to meet them.

  • Book Signings: Celebrities often go to book signings (especially if they are the author) if they are a part of a movie or series that is based on a book. This is the cheapest of the options as they are generally at some event that you buy a ticket for in order to enter, having them only do the book signing or fan meet and greet
  • Back stage at concerts: Another celebrity dating tip would be to get backstage at your most treasured famous artists show. They often spend time with the fans that have paid to get back there and this will be the best chance to get possible one on one time with the star
  • Fan meet and greets: As stated above, these are generally at bigger events that have a section to the stars or part of a promotional event for their own show. These are great places to meet these titans of the industry and start your celebrity dating lifestyle